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S3 E5: David Fish - The Importance Of Actively Affecting Your Customers' Experiences

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 Dave Fish is founder and CEO of CuriosityCX: an insights, creative, and customer experience agency. He has spent over 20 years understanding the grey areas of consumer behavior.

Dave has been directly involved in designing and executing Customer Experience initiatives and has extensive supplier and client-side experience in all facets of consumer behavior research. Dave held executive positions at The Engine Group, The Mars Agency, MaritzCX, as well as at JD Power, American Savings Bank and Toyota Motor Sales.

Dave regularly writes and presents on CX topics. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Automotive News, CNN, USA Today, Reuters, and CRM Magazine and on numerous television networks. He is a regular contributor to the American Marketing Association and is a featured columnist on CustomerThink. He holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University and as Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the Sam M. Walton School of Business at University of Arkansas.

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