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S2 E8: Max Israel - Setting the Stage for Design Driven Feedback

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Max Israel is founder and CEO of Customerville, creator of the design-driven customer experience management platform used by companies in over 20 countries. Founded in 2003, Max’s company currently works with brands in a wide variety of sectors, including airlines, hotels, medicine, insurance, banks, and retail.

At Customerville, Max leads an innovative team who blend technology, art, and behavioral science to make the customer feedback process engaging and actionable – both for customer and employee. Customerville has come to be known for aggressively pushing the limits of what people can expect from customer experience surveys and reporting.
Israel has served as a board member and board president of Seattle’s nonprofit Ballard Food Bank and the World Trade Club, and presently serves on the GFAC Advisory Board for the Gymboree Corporation in San Francisco.

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