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S2 E20: Sidney Evans- Helping Brands Deliver Robust CX

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Sidney Evans is an international expert and thought leader in branding and communications. He has published numerous articles in such publications as Branding Magazine, Forbes, and Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Sidney is a pragmatic strategist and expert communicator. He helps people develop and communicate their unique brand through clear messaging and by implementing sound strategy. Sidney Evans was selected to join the Forbes Councils, whose members are hand-selected, to become part of a curated network of successful peers and publish thought leadership articles. Most recently, he was asked to contribute to the Oracle Marketing Cloud blog. Sidney is a senior columnist and moderator of the "C-Suite" for Branding Magazine.

Globally focused, Sidney helped mentor start-ups and young entrepreneurs in Stockholm for "Start-Up Stockholm Weekend" powered by Google for entrepreneurs. Sidney was also a featured speaker for the "Personal Branding Day" conference that was broadcast internationally from Poland. Currently, he is completing his first book on personal branding, "How To Build A Powerful Personal Brand".

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