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S2 E11: Ulla Sommerfelt and Jan Parr- How Design Is Fueling CX

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Ulla is CEO and co-founder of the EGGS group. Her dream is to create the world’s best workplace for creative people and she is well underway to realize this. EGGS is a company where professional and personal growth is a key driver. She works with one eye on the future and is fascinated by modern tech and how design methods can be applied to make tech make sense to people and create value for business and society. A very experienced leader with high levels of positive energy. Educated at BI Norwegian Business School, MIT, and INSEAD, her motto is “never stagnate”.

Jan Walter is the co-founder, partner and leader of Service Design and Innovation at EGGS. He is a key player in building methods for insight, service design, and design-driven innovation. He is a prize-winning designer, and multiple Awards for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council within the categories “Product design”, “Service Design” and “Design for all”.

Don't have 30 minutes? Read the full episode transcript here!

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