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S2 E10: Colin Shaw - Practicing CX Beyond Philosophy

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Colin Shaw has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of the world's top 150 business INfluencers, where he has 220,000 followers of his work. Also by Brand Quarterly as one of the 'Top 50 Marketing Thought Leaders over 50'. Established in 2002, Colin is Founder & CEO of Beyond Philosophy, the world's first consultancy & training companies dedicated to Customer Experience. Colin is a best-selling author of five best-selling books.

A sought-after keynote speaker Colin’s interactive presentation style uses thought-provoking questions, humor, and real-life anecdotes to engage, entertain and inform his audience. Audaciously Colin calls organizations live from the stage to make a point.

Colin is a member of the National Speakers Association and has presented at countless keynote speeches. He has been featured as an expert on CNN, BBC TV, Sky News, BBC Radio.

Don't have 30 minutes? Read the full episode transcript here!

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