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S3 E4: Diane Magers - How the CXPA Created a Collaborative CX Community

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Diane Magers is CEO of the CXPA-- The Customer Experience Professionals Association. Known as an innovative and creative strategist, Diane has over 25 years of proven ability to identify opportunities in customer interactions. Her strengths include designing and launching services and solutions based on enterprise, customer and associate needs through various market channels.

Diane has demonstrated competence in startups, mid-size and Fortune 100 companies. Outstanding reputation for partnering, mentoring, promoting collaboration, and resolving complex business issues.

In this episode of Voices of Customer Experience, Diane talks about her role as CEO of the CXPA, its the mission, and how she intends to continue to help Customer Experience thrive as a competence of its own.

Don't have 30 minutes to listen? Get the full episode transcript here!

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