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S1 E5: Tamara Gaffney - How Adobe is Shaping Customer Experience

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Hosted by Crystal Garrett and Worthix CMO, Mary Drumond


Adobe’s Principal Analyst of Digital Insights, Tamara Gaffney, talks about The Experience Index and its focus on measuring consumer expectation and business impact of the experience-led business and future trends. She also shares information on Adobe’s new Experience League.

About Tamara Gaffney

Tamara heads up a new program at Adobe which is focused on measuring consumer expectations and business impact of the experience-led business. She also uses her long history in the technology industry and ability to interpret big data analysis coming from the Adobe Experience Cloud to identify key trends. In her current role she is frequently quoted on television, radio and in thousands of press articles where she has established a track record of accurately predicting the future of digital experiences. 

While at Adobe, Tamara created the Adobe Digital Insights program and has received recognition for her ability to decode huge data being named one of the Top 20 Big Data Analysts in the US by Fortune Magazine and one of the Top 100 Data Influencers in the UK by DataIQ Magazine.

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