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S3 E9: Said Baaghil - Focus on Being Strikingly Different

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Said Baaghil is the 'Unconventional' Branding and Marketing adviser whose out-of-the-box ideas ignite companies to rethink how to reach their target audience and build sustainable brands.

His clientele consists of CEOs, and CMOs at leading organizations who are bold enough to be strikingly different from their competitors by breaking the chains of traditional patterns, evolving their business, and as result, creating brands that dominate the category.

Known as the man who ‘Evolves Business’. Baaghil is able to effortlessly dive into the heart and mind of the brand and chart out a new innovative course to optimize opportunities. According to him, well-built Brands are timeless which is why companies trust Baaghil for his in-depth knowledge of the science of brands and his ability to create marketing strategies that attains continuous growth.

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Learn more on Said Baaghil at: https://www.askbaaghil.com/

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