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Best Of: Voices of CX Season 1

Emma Waldron
02 Jul, 2018

In this special Best Of episode, we highlight the strongest deliverables from our guests in Voices Of CX Season 1 to help you stay ahead in the experience economy and start basing your decisions on science.

Listen to the best of the season episode here ›

In the first episode, we spoke with Joe Pine who discussed customering, the difference between time well saved vs. time well spent, digitization, and multiverse. Pine explained how you should practice best principles, not best practices because if you simply copy what someone else is doing, it may not be integrated with who you are as a company and therefore will not work. Pine also provided listeners with advice on how to become a CX professional.

Our second episode featured Ryan Hamilton, a Professor of Marketing at the Goizueta School of Business. He spoke about using behavioral science to understand what drives customer decisions and explained the important differences between habits and loyalty. He discussed how there is a dangerous misunderstanding between habits and loyalty, and that customers who buy your product out of habit are less likely to forgive if you upset them and more likely to switch to a competitor.

In the third episode, we spoke with Emilia Chagas, the CEO of Contentools about how to remain customer centric in a B2B company through the design of personas and customer journeys. She discussed how vital it is to understand how the customer operates and how they make decisions and explained the importance of understanding the entire customer journey, from before your customers become customers to after they buy. In addition, she emphasized the importance of creating content to trigger curiosity about your business and how your content must evolve with the customer over time.

Our next episode featured Larry Rosenberger, who spoke with Worthix CEO Guilherme Cerqueira at FICO World 2018. He discussed the importance of behavior analytics and gathering the right data to understand customers through his model - The Four Pillars of Behavior Analytics.

Tamara Gaffney, an experienced market researcher who has proved some incredible results at Adobe, was featured in our fifth episode. She talked about the challenges of running a data team and how to interpret patterns in data. Tamara also explained how in order to make decisions, we have to “get out in front of the data a bit.” She spoke about having the right people in place to read the data, analyze and get a story from the data, and realize if something is off.

Our next episode starred professor Peter Fader who gave his insights on customer lifetime value, customer centricity, and how to focus company efforts on the right customers. He spoke about how things like corporate culture and organizational design are much more important than metrics and the other quantitative things. He insisted that these things that are harder to measure must be figured out before you “start your pivot to customer centricity.”

In the following episode, Rachael McBrearty shared her insights about the current CX industry and ways in which we can all benefit from the creation of customer systems. She spoke on customer experience being about “delivering on the brand promise” and moving from customer experience design to customer system design. She explained that we must really understand what our customers’ behaviors are and “how we are helping them to accomplish what they need to accomplish.”

In our final episode, we spoke with Jeanne Bliss, a Certified Customer Experience Professional, current president of Customer Bliss. She provided crucial insight on how to empower the frontline and how to have a customer listening path within organizations. Jeanne also stressed the importance of putting the right people with the right training on the front line and empowering them to act directly on negative customer experiences.

Stay tuned for Voices Of CX Season 2. 

Listen to the best of the season episode here ›

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