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Top 10 Most Played of Voices of CX of Season 2

Dayana Aparicio
17 Jan, 2019

As we celebrate the start of a new year, we wanted to ease everyone back into the normal routine and hopefully inspire you as you approach your personal or organizational strategy for 2019.

Learn the 5 Ways Your CX Strategy Should Change in 2019 >>

Below are 10 can't-miss episodes from Season 2 of our Voices of CX podcast with topics ranging from different fields and aspects of customer experience, to employee experience, and statistical valuations of companies.

Don't have time to listen? We included the transcript for your convenience. Enjoy!

Episode 1: Brian Solis- Designing the Future of CX

Brian Solis is an award-winning author and world-renowned keynote speaker. Recognized as one of one of the thought leaders in digital transformation, innovation and experience design.

In this episode Brian discusses disruptive technology and its impact on business, with the goal of understanding how this technology affects and shapes human behaviors, norms and society.

Through his research and published work, he has humanized what he calls “digital Darwinism,” defining this as “the evolution of technology in society.” With particular emphasis using accurate points of reference to create better customer journeys.

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 4: Prof Dr Phil Klaus - CX Vanguards, Outperform Your Competition by 600%

Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus is the founder of Dr. Phil Klaus & Associates Consulting, Professor of Customer Experience and Marketing Strategy at the International University of Monaco and a bestselling author.

Dr. Klaus discussed some of the problems with NPS, adding that it's prevalence as the referred KPI is more associated with the North American way of doing business, which focuses on driving quarterly results and doesn't concern itself with looking ahead.

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 11: Ulla Sommerfelt and Jan Parr- How Design Is Fueling CX

Ulla is CEO and co-founder of the EGGS, a company where professional and personal growth is a key driver. She works with one eye on the future and is fascinated by modern tech. and how to use that to create value for business and society.

Jan Walter is the co-founder, partner and leader of Service Design and Innovation at EGGS. He is a key player in building methods for insight, service design, and design-driven innovation. 

In this episode, they discuss how design-thinking has influenced customer experience and vice versa.

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 12: Ian Golding - Customer What?

Ian Golding is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and Customer Experience specialist. Golding has spent over twenty years in business improvement, working hard to ensure that the businesses he works for are as customer focused as possible.

Golding stresses the importance of creating an environment that ensures that you are enabling a long term focus on customer experience without diminishing the understanding of an organization's need to deliver a financial return.

Golding's first book was published in April 2018 – ‘Customer What?’ The honest and practical guide to Customer Experience.

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 3: Dan McCarthy- A Statistical Analysis Of Your CX

Dan McCarthy is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University's Goizueta School of Business. He received his P.h.D in Statistics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and was Co-Founder and Chief Statistician at Zodiac, a predictive customer analytics firm until it was sold to Nike in March 2018.

Dan has since co-founded Theta Equity Partners to commercialize his research on CBCV. 

In this episode, McCarthy elaborates on some of his research interests, which include; customer-based corporate valuation and customer lifetime value as well as his specialty is the application of leading-edge statistical methodology to contemporary empirical marketing problems.

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 13: Annette Franz - Employee Experiences Come First

Annette Franz is founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She's got 25 years of experience in both helping companies understand their employees and customers and identifying what drives retention, satisfaction, engagement, and the overall experience - so that, together, we can design a better experience for all constituents.

Franz is also a speaker and an avid writer. You can find her work not only on her own blog but also on Business2Community, CustomerThink, Quality Digest, APICS Magazine, and more. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).

In this episode, Franz discusses the importance and wide-reaching impact of employee experience and satisfaction and it's impact on an organizations perception, customer satisfaction, and profit,

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 2: Yu-kai Chou- Gamify the Experience

Yu-kai was one of the earliest pioneers in Gamification, starting his work in the industry in 2003. Yu-kai has been a regular speaker/lecturer on gamification and motivation worldwide, including at organizations like Google, Tesla, Stanford University, LEGO, Huawei, and TEDx.

Chou is an Author and International Keynote Speaker on Gamification and Behavioral Design and is the original creator of the Octalysis Framework, as well as author of Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards.

In this episode, Yu-Kai discusses how human behavior can be modified and conditioned through gamification strategies.

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 9: Ramsay Brown - Using A.I. to Map the Brain and Program Behavior

Ramsay Brown is a NeuroTechnologist, Futurist Philosopher, and Escaped Circus Bear. Trained for 10 years at USC's Brain Architecture Center, Brown worked on Brain Mapping and pioneered a Google Maps for the Brain.

Brown is the CoFounder and Chief Operations Officer at Boundless.ai, where he and his team have combined the knowledge of neuroscience and A.I., into an app platform that anyone can plug into and use as habit forming (behavior modification) tool.  With this combination, Brown and his team are on the leading the edge of Persuasive AI and Behavioral Design.

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 10: Colin Shaw - Practicing CX Beyond Philosophy

Colin Shaw has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of the world's top 150 business INfluencers. He is the founder & CEO of Beyond Philosophy, the world's first consultancy & training companies dedicated to Customer Experience. Colin is a best-selling author and sought-after keynote speaker.

In this episode, Shaw explores the practical implementations of CX, Worthix, and the challenges of proving ROI.

Read the Transcript HERE

Episode 8: Max Israel - Setting the Stage for Design Driven Feedback

Max Israel is founder and CEO of Customerville and is the creator of the design-driven customer experience management platform used by companies in over 20 countries.

Founded in 2003, Customerville is known for aggressively pushing the limits of what people can expect from customer experience surveys. 

In this episode, Israel discuss the blending of technology, design, art, and visual branding to make the customer feedback process engaging and actionable. 

Read the Transcript HERE

Learn the 5 Ways Your CX Strategy Should Change in 2019 >>

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