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NPS® Taught Companies How to K.I.S.S.

NPS Taught Companies How to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Survey), but It’s Time to Go to the Next Level with AI.

Prior to the Customer Experience economy, when products and services were king and prices went toe-to-toe, conducting customer feedback surveys was a monumental task.

Topics: Strategy KPI

‘Twas Days Before a CX Christmas

‘Twas days before Christmas, when all through the street,

Businesses were warring against prices to beat.

Their customers all bustling about with care,

Seeking the best deals as they eagerly compared.

Topics: customer centric voice of customer

The Only Way to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers: Understand Customer Decisions

A question that B2C and B2B companies alike struggle with on a continuous basis is: What is the right amount to charge customers?

Topics: voice of customer customer decisions

Top 7 Customer Experience KPIs

Let’s be honest, your hands tremble each time you walk that performance report down the long hallway to the C-Suite, fearful that the subpar customer experience Key Performance Indicator (KPI) results may cost you your annual bonus, or much worse, your job. Well, maybe those poor results are due to measuring the wrong things.

Topics: Strategy KPI

11 Steps Towards Customer Centricity

Customer centricity is more than a buzzword for boardroom discussions or social sites. It requires more than the pop-up Customer Experience divisions with freshly appointed CX Officers who have no clue what it all means.

Topics: implementation customer centric

How to Create a Customer Journey Map: Mapping Your way to Customer Centricity

Have you ever had an unforgettable experience... that was bad? I remember traveling with my young boys. It was 3a.m. and I was pushing my infant son in the stroller and pulling my half-sleep 3-year-old through a smoke hazed Las Vegas airport.

Topics: implementation customer centric customer journey

Zappos Proves to be Customer Centric Once Again: A Chat About Slippers and Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve chosen to begin our series on Worth It Experiences with a story about a personal customer experience I had with Zappos and the power of their customer centric culture.

Topics: customer centric worth it experiences

How to Design a Persona: Protect your Customer Experiences and Profits

Customers are not numbers and customer experience is not a one-size-fits-all. Many companies treat their customers the same no matter their needs and expectations. The only way for customers to reach "human" status is to spend more to earn special treatment, which is the basis for all "loyalty" programs. Why do customers have to buy their way "in" to be treated special? Not cool. 

Topics: Strategy

First AI Powered Survey is Disrupting The Customer Experience Economy

Worthix (Worth Index), the first Artificial Intelligence survey, is ushering in a customer experience revolution by disrupting old-school survey methodologies. Created in the Silicon Valley, we are an AI powered technology designed to change the way companies conduct surveys, bringing real-time predictive and accurate results into an ever-changing Customer Experience economy. 

Customer Experience Terms: 13 Terms to Talk CX Like a Pro

In the customer experience economy of on-demand data and multi-metrics, it’s easy for some to get lost in the sea of excessive acronyms, techie-babble, and smarketing (sales and marketing) jargon. And, so many of these terms are loosely tossed around, overused and, in some cases, misused by those who don’t know their true definitions.

Topics: implementation glossary